Alternative Health

If you are looking for some alternatives to “Western Medicine” like surgery, you may want to consider a more holistic approach…and it tends to be easier on your wallet too!

Calgary Holistic Clinic
We have been going to the Calgary Holistic Clinic since they were recommended by our breeder, Gisele Blair. Milo had injured his shoulder when we were out for a walk and couldn’t put any weight on it at all. We took him for x-rays at a regular vet and they wanted to perform surgery right away and fuse his shoulder which meant he would walk differently for the rest of his life! At this time, he was 10 months old, and we thought it was ridiculous to do this to him at such a young age…so we decided to get a second opinion. We went to the Calgary Holistic Clinic and saw Dr. Qi (pronounced Chee). He started Milo on some injections of B12 and anti-inflammatories. We started going every three days, then once a week, then once every two weeks. After about 2 months of treatments Milo was completely healed…and for much less than what the surgery was going to cost. From that point on, we were believers and would recommend Dr. Qi and his staff to anyone looking for an alternative therapy for their dog. The Calgary Holistic Clinic also practices acupunture, chiropractic, herbal medicine and massage.

Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic – Dr. Catherine Pampiglione
Dr. Pampiglione was recommended to us by a friend that does Earthdog with us. She has several dogs (non-dachshunds) that do various sports from agility to flyball to scent hurdling to earthdog and one of them needed some treatment. Since she lives in the south, the Bridlewood Vet Clinic was convenient for her and she really likes them a lot. They also practice acupunture, physical therapy and herbal medicine.