Winter Event Reminders

With winter upon us, we would like to remind everyone about our policies regarding the general rules as well as bringing other breeds of dogs to our indoor meetups:

Remember to clean up after your dog, just as you would (or should) at the dog park.  There is a mop and bucket as well as a garbage can and our members will be more than ready to let you know if your dog has had an accident.  Please remember to bring bags to pick up after your dog!

If you wish to bring another breed of dog to our indoor events, it must be one from your own household and it must be on leash at all times, or be put into an exercise pen which you must provide. We just want to keep all dogs safe and happy. If they (or any dog) are not kept under control, are not behaving, or are being aggressive towards other dogs they will have to leave and we will ask you not to bring them again.

Ultimately, this is a dachshund club which is why everyone joined. If we start allowing all breeds to attend our indoor functions, then this is no longer a dachshund club and some of our members may decide to stop coming out. One of the benefits of this club is socialization for dogs that are afraid of (or don’t do well with) other breeds. I know some dogs in the club are afraid of bigger dogs. Also some dogs in the club don’t like the small “fluffy” breeds and may try to pick a fight with them. We have also had incidents where a bigger dog has stepped on or “rolled” one of the dachshunds, and where the dachshunds have become overly curious or aggressive towards the other breeds which has caused problems.

We sincerely hope you understand why we decided to put this into place. This was a difficult decision to make but we hope it will make everyone’s experience with the Lowriders a great one.