Are you looking for an older dachshund to join your family? Or maybe a doxie who needs a bit of special attention? Possibly one that is already house-trained? Then rescuing a dachshund might be for you!

Not sure if you are ready for a full time commitment? Rescues are almost always in need of foster homes for their rescued dogs. It helps to ease the financial burden on the rescue and allows other dogs to be rescued by the organization as well. The timeline for caring for a foster dog can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Here are a few links to dachshund rescues across Canada:

Alberta Dachshund Rescue

Canadian Dachshund Rescue

If you can’t find a dachshund to adopt in Canada, do a quick search on Petfinder and you will find thousands of dachshunds, doxie mixes, or any other breed you may be interested in adopting!


And here are some local agencies who have dogs and other animals available for adoption (in alphabetical order):

ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)

Calgary Animal Services

Calgary Humane Society

Pawsitive Match Rescue