Walking in a Wiener Wonderland – December 2014 Meetup!

Not your regular Christmas Party! This year we would like to have a Dachshunds in Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Dress your doxie up in those precious but unsightly cable knits & really get into the season! Of course dressing up is not required to attend.

When: Saturday December 13, 2014

Where: Two Paws Up (formerly Dignified Dogs) – UNIT K – 9827 HORTON ROAD SW

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Cost: $5.00 for the first dog, $2.00 for each additional dog to help pay for the cost of the facility rental

The doors will open just before 2:00pm as we will be busy setting up…NO EARLY BIRDS PLEASE!

Two Paws Up is a great facility for the Lowriders and it has a ton of space…however if you wish to sit during the meetup you will need to bring your own chair as there are limited chairs available.  It can also be a bit tricky to find the facility if you haven’t been there before.  When you get to Horton Road, turn into the driveway where the Cal-Alta Auto glass shop is (directly across the road from Safeway) and go down the little hill to the building behind it.  Here is a link to Google Street View (if it doesn’t work, you can easily look it up yourself): https://maps.google.ca/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Dignified+Dogs&fb=1&gl=ca&hq=dignified+dogs&cid=0,0,15001781633851631696&ei=VlZMUuiPN4ryyAGlnIHoBg&ved=0CIoBEPwSMAs

There are two doors to get into the facility. I will ask them to use the door on the right that is marked for weekends and after hours, not their main entrance.

Please remember to bring your own waste bags. There will be a mop to clean up any accidents so please keep an eye on your dog…we will not be shy about telling you if your dog had an accident!!!

I am not sure if the agility equipment will be out like it usually is (due to the new owners), but please DO NOT allow your dog (or children) to climb on any equipment and do not sit on the chairs that may be used to prop up any equipment. The equipment is disabled for a reason…your dog’s safety!

We are asking that ONLY dachshunds and dachshund mixes attend our indoor events. No “furry big brothers” or “furry little sisters” please! If we make an exception for you, then we have to make an exception for everyone…and then it is no longer a dachshund club. If you bring other furry family members, you will be asked to leave them in the car or take them home.

Hope to see you there!


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